Reference Books

Entrepreneurship and Business Start-up, Business Growth

Enterprise and Small Business. Carter, S., and Jones-Evans, D. (2006). Harlow, Pearson Education.

Turning Your Business Around. Blaney (2002). , How To Books, ISBN 1-85703-767-7.
Helping a small business to survive.

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Working with Entrepreneurs

Advising entrepreneurial students. Blenkinsopp, J., Fuller, E., Hanage, R., et al. (2007). Retrieved December, 2008, from

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Operations in Factory and Office

Operations Management, Slack Chambers and Johnston, FT/Prentice Hall, 2004, ISBN 0-273-67906-6.
This book covers all aspects of operations management.

Lean Thinking, Womack & Jones, Free Press, 2003, ISBN 0-7432-4927-5.
Classic book on lean thinking. Mainly manufacturing based, but has lessons for the office too.

Office Kaizen, W.Lareau, American Society for Quality, 2003, ISBN 0-87389-556-8.
Application of quality management to the office.

The Lean Toolbox, J Bicheno, Picsie Books, 2000, ISBN 0-9513-829-9-3.
Encyclopaedia of management tools and techniques.

Risk Management – 10 Principles, Jacqeline Jeynes, Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002, ISBN 0-7506-5036-2.
Covers the important area of managing risks, especially in operations.