Advising Entrepreneurial Students



Key Points

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs):
1.0 Why is advising entrepreneurial graduates important?
2.0 What is an entrepreneur?
3.0 What is an entrepreneurial career?
4.0 How do I spot someone who is entrepreneurial?
5.0 Can new graduates start successful new ventures?
6.0 How should I advise entrepreneurial students?
7.0 What else can the Careers Service do for entrepreneurial students?

8.0 What is 'best practice' in other HEIs?

Portolio Entrepreneurial Careers - case studies

Graduate Entrepreneurial Careers - case studies

Graduate Business Start-ups - case studies

NCGE Advice on Good Practice in HE Entrepreneurship Development

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Additional Material:
Working Papers
Details of Careers Service Best Practices
Bradford Enterprise Module